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12 Week Group Coaching Program

Are you ready to end the battle
with food and your body?

Are you tired of your life revolving around what you are eating and your body weight?


Closed Until April

This program is for you if you:

Have been on many diets and always gain your weight back.

Want to improve your relationship with food once and for all. 

Need help with learning to love yourself and your body.
Want to feel confident and sexy in your skin again.

Don't know what to eat anymore after years of dieting.
Want to improve your body image and set a good example for your children.

Want to overcome binge eating and/or stress eating. 


Are you ready to learn how to embrace your body and heal your relationship with food?

What is included:

Phase 1:   (5 weeks)
A deep dive into body image work going back as far as childhood. This is the work that everyone needs but just doesn't know it yet. Become a not-to-be-fucked-with confidence queen with weekly tools and strategies to help you heal your self-image and reclaim your crown as worthy for the first time since your toddler days!  

Phase 2: (4 weeks)
Becoming aware of thoughts & limiting beliefs so that you can bulldoze through your self-sabotaging behaviors to create lasting change. In this phase you will also learn how to manage your emotions so that you don't become helpless to the bag of chips sitting in your pantry.

Phase 3: (3 weeks)
In this phase we work on healing your relationship with food and exercise so that you can get off of the diet-binge hamster wheel. In this work we will learn how to bring joy back into movement and food again. 


  • Weekly group coaching calls via zoom.

  • Private community

  • 24 hr text, voice and/or video message support from your coach Melissa. 

  • 3 monthly 1:1 coaching sessions with Melissa. (these need to be booked in advance)


    90 min Body Image Recording.

    90 min Somatic Body Image Healing Recording with Jennelle Periard.

      Mother wounding it's impact on our body image training. 

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