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Your Thoughts Are Making You Fat...Not Food

Your intention behind what you were eating is so much more important than what you were actually eating.⁣

Let’s take a pastry for example.⁣

Some would argue that a pantry is not healthy. But I’m going to share a different perspective with you..⁣

You are in Italy with your friend on the trip of a lifetime. You stop at a cute little coffee shop and get your cappuccino and a pastry. You sit with your friend at your bistro set and watch people pass by. You take in the architecture from your chair, the busyness of the streets, as you sip your cappuccino and nibble on your pastry, as you and your friend discuss what you found interesting from your trip to the museum earlier.⁣

Another scenario...

You’re having a terrible day at work.⁣ You’re tired, you are at your wits end with your lazy coworker.⁣ As soon as your 2 o’clock coffee break hits you head straight to the Tim Horton's drive-through to get yourself an iced cap and a strawberry danish.

⁣“Fuck Karen. That lazy B****.”

You say to yourself as you’re driving out of the parking lot to get your dosage of caffeine and sugar.⁣

Both scenarios include a cappuccino and a pastry.

In the first scenario these food items are being utilized to enhance the experience of being in Italy. ⁣

In the second scenario these food items are being utilized to suppress and numb the anger induced by a stressful situation.⁣

When you are reaching for certain foods be curious as to why you are doing so. And if you are reaching for food in moments of anger or stress or anxiety don’t judge yourself. There are far worse coping mechanisms out there than a strawberry danish.⁣

But it is important to be mindful when we are doing these things.

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