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What Does Your Closet Say About You?

Many of us are in quarantine right now and maybe you are one of those people who has taken this opportunity to remove clutter from your home, wash your walls, and clean your baseboards.

If you've been a productive Patty during quarantine good for you!

Whether you have been productive or not during this time, I have a challenge for you.

But first, I want you to walk your little tush to your closet and open the door.

Now, I know you might be thinking...

woman, I follow you for fitness and health stuff, not housekeeping tips

Trust me, this will all come back to your physical health and body image so hang tight!

Walk into your closet and notice if this space is tidy and organized with each item hanging on a hanger or folded nicely.

If not, that's okay. No one is judging here. Maybe your closet resembles something of a natural disaster. Hurricane Hannah came in and left a trail of devastation behind on her way out.

If this is the case for you, I have a follow up question:

Does the state of your closet represent your thoughts and behaviors in anyway?

Disorganized, careless, chaotic..

*insert any other word that makes you feel a little anxious*

The next question I have for you is specifically about the contents in your closet.

Do the items in your closet represent a woman who is fun, playful, energetic, and confident?

Do you have "some day" clothes?

These are items that you hang onto for when you finally lose weight.

Why are you hanging onto them?

Are you using them as motivation to "stick to it" this time?

Is it working? Is it empowering?

Or are you left feeling shameful, guilty, or defeated?

Do you have "fat clothes" for just in case you gain your weight back again?

What type of message do you think this sends to your subconscious?

When you continue to hang onto items that you have shrunk out of, you are programming yourself to believe that you won't maintain the weight that you have lost.

Hanging onto these items is setting yourself up for failure, get rid of them!

There is no looking back, only forward.

Does your closet contain articles of clothing that you LOVE?

Colorful items with fun patterns that fit and feel amazing?

When you get dressed in the morning do you feel confident, fun, and sexy?

Or is your closet primarily made up of clothes that you use to hide beneath?

Oversized, ill-fitting, dark shades, all there to serve one purpose:


Hide your body and the areas that you perceive as flaws. Avoiding certain cuts or patterns because they aren't "flattering" to your shape or figure.

You might be thinking, But Melissa! I can't buy nice clothes until I have lost the weight.

How many other things are you waiting to do until you have lost weight? When are you going to stop putting your life on hold until you have lost weight? You can live now.

Waiting until you lose weight to buy yourself nice clothes is programming your subconscious to believe that you don't deserve nice things. Furthermore, this sends the message that you don't deserve better for yourself in ANY aspect of your life.

It is time to switch the narrative.

To begin the process of reprogramming your belief systems.

Go through your closet during quarantine.

Anything that doesn't make you feel like Beyonce has gotta go!

Your frumpy mom clothes don't belong on your next level babe.

Donate or facebook market place these things. It is time to create space for the woman you want to be...




easy going



You don't need to buy an entirely new wardrobe, nor am I saying you have to be decked out in Gucci. Start with 3 new outfits that make you feel amazing.

Ones that you actually love .

(not what hides which body part the best).

When you put on an outfit that you know you look fire in, you walk with your head a little higher, and a sway in your hips. You carry yourself with an energy that says, "I'm that bitch."

And even if no one else can see it, you FEEL it. That fire burning deep within that makes you glow from the inside out.

Sit in that feeling right now.

What actions would an empowered women such as this, take?

Would she go for the run, make the smoothie, do the yoga, go to bed earlier because she knows she damn well deserves to feel rested?

You bet she does.

You can change your life, by upgrading your closet.

Take this time in quarantine to give yourself a damn promotion in your life.

You aren't an intern anymore honey, you are the CEO.

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