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Tomorrow Syndrome

I had suffered with Tomorrow Syndrome for years. It seeped into every area of my life.

I'll be happy when...

I lived my life by that statement.

I'll be happy when I finish college and am done with the stress of exams and school work.

I'll be happy when I start my career as a Registered Massage Therapist and leave my shitty, low paying dish washing job. (To this day I would rather scrub a painted toilet than wash dishes!)

I loved my job as an RMT, but found myself saying 3 months in, "I'll be happy when I have my own house."

I barely got unpacked in my new house before I competed in my first bodybuilding show.

As soon as I walked off stage, I was onto the next thing..

Becoming a personal trainer...

Taking classes to become a nutritionist...

Sprinkle 9 more bodybuilding competitions in there, another "bigger, better" house, 3 power lifting meets, a few national records....

Thank you, next.

And vacations... I would be researching and planning my next vacation, while I was sitting on my lounger by the pool on my current vacation. I missed out on the happiness of today because I was so focused on tomorrow.

Tomorrow syndrome has shown up in every area of my life and I see this in so many of the women I work with, there is this deep rooted belief that their "real life will begin" when they reach a certain milestone.

How many times have you caught yourself saying that you will:

-wear shorts once you've gotten rid of your cellulite.

-take your kids swimming once you've lost 20lbs. many times have you said that you'll join a gym or class AFTER you've lost a certain amount of weight?

True happiness does not come tomorrow..

If I have learned anything in my constant pursuit of accomplishments it is this:

We can't chase happiness and it can not be tied to an end goal.

We only find happiness through acceptance of what is.

This does not mean that you are quitting or giving up.

If you want a bigger bank account or a different body, you need to accept yourself as is first. You are enough as you are! And without this knowing, you will constantly feel inadequate because you haven't reached the place that you desire to be yet.

You can not expect to make a beautiful transformation when you are sitting in a dome of self-hatred, loathing, and anger. You can not cultivate happiness out of inadequacy nor self-love out of a process that reinforced your hatred towards yourself.

(This is why crash diets never work.)

It is time to live now... not tomorrow.

Stop waiting.

The stars don't need to align perfectly in order for you be be happy and live a life that desire.

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