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Stop Glamorizing Your Teenage Body

It isn’t uncommon for me to listen to clients reminisce about the past.

Listing off all the physical activity they were involved in when they were younger.

How tiny they use to be.

The types of cute clothing they used to wear.

How "healthy" they use to be.

“I use to be a size 2 you know!” they say with a sigh.

I can hear the sadness and longing in their voices.

Goal setting is one of the first steps taken when it comes to transformation.

We all know how important this stage is when it comes to making any lifestyle

or behavior changes.

Measurable goals with a timeline... easy right?

Now admit it...

How many of you have set a goal to weigh what you did when you were in high school?

How many of you have strived to get into a pair of jeans that you wore as a teenager?

Have you ever asked yourself why you chose this time frame in your life?

Why are you choosing to measure your success and/or worthiness on this age?

I can tell you one thing.

I can not measure my health based upon the body size that I was as a teen.


Because I was terribly unhealthy. Fast food 3-5 days per week. Drinking every weekend.

Eating candy 3-4 times a week.

And I stayed up WAY too late and got up too early for school.

So why in the hell would I use my teenage body as a unit of measurement for my worthiness and health?

Perhaps it is because society has done a really good job of reaffirming that youth=superior.

Here is the thing...

Your body should not be the same as it was when you were 16.

You are a grown ass woman now.

You are no longer a child.

This means you need more rest than you once did.

This means that maybe you can't "get away with" treating your body like a trash can anymore because you are AWARE of the consequences of treating your body with such disrespect... oh and I wasn't talking about the "consequence" of weight gain.

I was talking about REAL health issues..not the ones made up by a fatphobic society.

Stop looking back when you are setting goals for yourself.

Instead focus on the things that you need to do today so that your future self will thank you.

How can you best take care of yourself NOW so that you don't run into health complications down the road?

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