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Rejecting Diet Culture

Listen to your body.

Eat when you are hungry.

Stop eating when you are full.

Intuitive eating sounds simple right?

Diet culture can make this process of listening to your body a little tricky.

Especially if you are someone who grew up watching the women in your life diet and in turn have been on a diet most of your adult life.

Becoming an intuitive eater is a process of UNLEARNING and in the beginning of your intuitive eating journey, you are going to become aware of how cancerous and contagious diet culture really is.

No longer can we tell someone who is recovering from an eating disorder to:

Just eat normal

Because "normal" in our society is disordered.

To become an intuitive eater, we first need to reject diet culture and there are several way that you can do that.

Start by questioning society's beauty standards.

Who created this beauty ideal? How has the ideal changed overtime? How does the ideal beauty standard vary from culture to culture?

Body diversity.

Go through your social media accounts. Who are you following?

You may think that there are only thin, blonde,yogis on instagram, but maybe that is because you are surrounding yourself with those types of accounts.

Surround yourself with different body types and ethnic backgrounds.

Respecting your body.

Diet culture encourages self hatred and punishing the body whether this be through grueling workouts and/or severe calorie restriction. It is important to remember that you are not going to develop a love for yourself and your body through a process that tears you down mentally and physically. You will get so much further in your health journey when you start treating your body with kindness.

Fuck the police

In rejecting diet culture, you are rejecting the notion that food is either "good" or "bad".

Food is just food.

And every few years a new diet hits the streets and claims to be the "secret" to all of your weight woes. And every one of these diets picks a bad guy.

An enemy that needs to be avoided at all costs whether this be carbs, fat, sugar, gluten, or meat.

It is time to say fuck the food police.

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