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Read this before writing out your New Year’s goals

As we approach the end of the year, I am already starting to see advertisements for the new year goals.

The "new year new me" vibes are in the air! There is something about a clean slate that feels intoxicating.

It's motivating to create a new vision board for the year to come. As we jot down a list of new goals for 2023, we cannot forget to first reflect on the year that has passed.

These past 12 months contain a lot of information, that will serve us well, when it comes to setting goals for the following year.

Firstly, it's important to congratulate yourself for the things that you have overcome. I cannot stress the importance of acknowledging yourself for your wins and successes. It doesn't matter how big or small the success may seem, if we don't celebrate those little milestones, the universe will not respond by giving us more to celebrate because it sees that we're not appreciative of the little things that we've received already.

Think about it this way...if you did favours for somebody, but they never seemed to be grateful for the things that you did for them, would you keep doing those things? Probably not. The universe works the same way.

I want you to celebrate the shit out of your achievements this year whether you've taken on homeschooling, got a new job, or got through your first year of motherhood. You need to celebrate as if they just revealed your name on the Hollywood walk of fame!

I know, as women, we are taught not to celebrate our achievements, because bragging is "unladylike".

But, Fuck that!

The more that you celebrate yourself, the more you can expect to receive. Stop blocking your blessings and brag bitch!

The second thing we need to do is acknowledge the behaviors, thought processes, and people that have held us back from achieving what we desire.

We can't change or transform what we don't acknowledge. And it can be painful to look back at some of our habits, and realize that we are the ones getting in our way from becoming the person that we wish to be.

Once you've identified 5 to 20 habits/behaviors/relationships that you know you need to change, now, you can take time to acknowledge what did work very well for you this past year.

Which habits do you want to keep going forward into the new year? And which ones would you like to add?

When you are coming up with new behaviours and habits, I want you to picture the woman that you desire to be.

How does she dress?

How does she move throughout her day?

How does she eat?

What types of friendships does she have?

How does she show up at work or in her relationship?

How does she show up for her children?

What types of activities does she enjoy?

These questions will really help you to craft the types of habits and behaviours that you would like to carry into the new year.

And if you know that you tend to get in your own way, hire a coach for accountability and support in facilitating the changes that you wish to make.

If you are interested in how I can help you transform your life feel free to email me at: or send me a message on instagram

Cheers to health, healing, and upleveling in the new year!

Melissa <3

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