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Negative Body Image Linked To People Pleasing

Raise your hand if you are a people pleaser.

Let me guess, you do a hell of a lot to make sure that you make everyone around you is happy.

When we don't feel comfortable with our bodies or ourselves, we allow others to walk all over us. We bend over backwards for friends that never reciprocate, but we don't dare speak up.

We are too afraid to ask for a raise because we don't feel worthy, even when our lazy co-worker asked for one and their wish was granted.

We say nothing when someone butts in front of us in line.

You make sure that those around you feel seen, heard, and respected, but you are at war with yourself. Battling with the bully inside your head.

While you make sure that your loved ones are thriving, you are consumed by negative thoughts about yourself.

It is time to put your foot down.

No more self-sabotage.

No more standing in front of the mirror and calling yourself names.

No more making yourself feel guilty for things you think that you should or shouldn't.

No more shitting on yourself for living.

Healing is a daily practice, which is exactly why I have created a DAILY body image journal.

Rebuilding your self-worth after years of tearing yourself down, starts by challenging and unpacking the thoughts that you have about yourself and your body on a daily basis.

You can find Befriend Your Body Like A Badass on amazon!

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