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Shifting Out of a Bad Body Image Day

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Do you have those days where you just feel "ugh".

You feel like avoiding the mirror all day. None of your outfits feel good on your body.

Maybe... just maybe you weighed yourself this morning and the number was a little higher today.

When we get stuck in this trench of low vibes and self-loathing it can feel impossible to move out of it. Almost as if you are trying to swim through wet concrete...a losing battle. This process starts with one tiny thought or feeling about your body that initiates a tornado of negative thoughts, body bashing, and name calling.

When you are in this shit storm of hating yourself and your body, how many times have you ended up in the drive through or curled up on your couch eating chips during one of these episodes?

And you might think to yourself, "Why am I doing this?"

Next you reaffirm that you are in fact the nasty things that you say to yourself which may look something like this:

"See! Look at you eating Mcdonald's in front of the tv! I told you that you were a fat ass! You're never ever going to lose the weight!"

You may think, why on earth would someone who hates their body and wants to lose weight, go to Mcdonalds?

Humans are complex creatures...bless our souls. We have these beautiful conditions called THOUGHTS. Our thoughts dictate our feelings. Our feelings then dictate our behavior. When your thoughts are destructive and downright nasty, you can feel worthless and depressed.

What types of behaviors does someone who feels worthless and depressed engage in?

Now...we can't control our thoughts, but...

If we change our behaviors it will change how we feel during a bad body image day. When we change how we feel about ourselves and move out of that dark, heavy, energy, our thoughts mutate into something light, radiant, and positive.

So how can me move out of this place?

There are a few things that you can do. You can try one of them or all of them in one day, but I can promise you that even just one of these components will make you feel better in your body!

GET MOVING! This may feel like the last thing that you want to do, BUT I promise you that any type of movement is going to make your body feel good! And it is so much easier to feel good in a body that is happy! Intuitive movement is so powerful in shifting your state...and by intuitive movement, I don't mean exercising in a way that you feel you should be moving in to burn the most calories. Movement doesn't mean you have to go to the gym or go for a run. It could mean a walk outdoors with your dog. Taking your kids to the park, or a dance party in your kitchen. Tune into your body and ask it what type of movement would feel the best right now.

HYDRATE! We have all had those days where we have had A LOT of coffee and not a lot of water. You might feel oily, have a sticky taste in your mouth, or a headache in your temples and tension behind your eyes. It is really difficult to feel AMAZING about your body when you are in this state. So pound back that water you little mermaid! If you don't LOVE water, try slicing cucumbers, lemons, oranges, and even berries and throwing it in a water pitcher with ice. Nothing makes my skin and head feel as clear as fruit infused water does.

NOURISH! When we are feeling down about ourselves it is tempting to sit and eat junk. When you are having a bad body image day ask your body:

"What foods would feel like love right now?"

Listen for the answer and don't question or judge it. Your body knows exactly what it wants and needs to function and feel its best. Trust what it it telling you.

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