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It Runs In My Family

Have you ever caught yourself wondering if you are just meant to be overweight? That your current circumstances are directly related to your genetic profile?

You look at other members of your family and see if they to struggle with their weight.. and maybe they always have since you’ve known them.

Siblings, parents, aunts, and uncles. You may be thinking...

“Hey! That’s me! Obesity runs in my family!” ⁣

Which is totally fair, but I want to offer you

another perspective.

What if it isn’t your genetics?

What if it’s your environmental conditioning?

Your relationships?

Think about this for a moment....

If your parents, siblings, and friends are overweight, you are surrounded by people who are modeling a sedentary lifestyle.

These same people have a very poor relationship with food and engage in a lot of unhealthy habits. (We don’t become overweight by treating our bodies well) ⁣

This type of lifestyle seems normal to you because it is all that you’ve known.

The same thing goes for families who have very active parents.

If the parents are always taking their kids on hiking trips, taking them to the park, or going for a bike ride in the evening these children are going to have a healthy relationship with exercise and food because this is what they know.

We often throw the genetic card around when we feel hopeless or powerless over our situation but I am here to tell you that you do have the power to shape your reality through the decisions that you make for yourself and the actions that you take on a daily basis.⁣

Those words might feel like a bitch slap of truth, but I promise that they are a blessing. You have the power to guide your ship! You don't have to follow the same path that your family or friends have taken. YOU are the master of your sail!

You aren't hopeless!

If you have always wanted to be healthier ask yourself⁣:

“What would a healthy woman do in this situation right now?” ⁣

“What would a healthy women like to eat today?”

“Would a healthy woman take the dog for a walk after work or sit on the couch and watch Netflix?”

In order to change.... to become the woman that you want to be, you need to model your actions after that wonder woman until eventually these actions become ritual and habit for yourself.

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