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How To Survive Thanksgiving

I am seeing these "survival" guides everywhere!

"How to make it through Thanksgiving."

As I scroll through tons of posts teaching us how to make our favorite dishes, but gosh you won't even believe this! It is has HALF THE FAT as the original recipe!

Hundreds of articles and instagram posts enforcing the notion that we are automatically going to get fat from this one day.

As I am sifting through articles telling us to drink lots of water before our meal to "fill ourselves up" and let's not forget all the recipes for gluten-free/low fat/too much fucking work pumpkin pie, I am reminded again that diet culture has completely infiltrated almost everyone's daily lives and holidays such as these are made to be all about dieting.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time when families get together and appreciate what they have and opportunities they've been given.

This isn't a time to be a gluttonous pig where you eat until you feel sick and have to lay down and unbutton your pants.

Nor is this the time to be stressing over whether you should use full-fat cream cheese or the light version for your pumpkin cheesecake.

Are you ready for the only weight loss/ weight management advice that you'll ever need?

1. Eat only when you are hungry.

2. Eat slow.

3. Savor and enjoy.

4. STOP once you are almost full.

Read number 1 & 4 over and over again.

The reason why anyone struggles with their weight is because they do not do either of these 2 things.

This weekend, put intuitive eating into practice.

Use Thanksgiving as your experiment.

How present can you get during your meals?

How does your food taste?

What is the dinner conversation like?

Get lost in ALL OF IT and set the intention to enjoy yourself this holiday...

And remember, there is no joy in binge eating until you feel ill and tired.

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