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Healing Your Relationship With Exercise

Your motive behind your movement is so much more important than the type of activity that you engage in.⁣

For those of you that don't know, I got started in the wellness industry ten years ago as a personal trainer. I met with clients in person to trainer at the gym before eventually moving into the online space. I use to get asked all of the time:⁣

What type of cardio should I be doing?⁣

What should my workouts look like?

What exercises can I do to tighten my tummy?

How can I make my butt rounder?

What burns the most fat?


Notice that I was hardly ever asked how someone could improve their mobility, stamina, or overall health.

All questions were geared towards "fixing" what they were taught was broken about their body.

It is time that we reclaim movement. The ability to move our bodies is such a priveledge.

It doesn’t matter what any study says about different forms of cardio whether it be running, HIIT, steady state cardio, the stair mill, Tabata..⁣

If you're motivation to move is born out of a hatred for your body, you'll never be consistent. When you are doing a variety of activities that you enjoy, it is so much easier to move your body consistently.

⁣What do you think is more effective?⁣

Walking your dog at an easy pace consistently five days a week⁣

Or ⁣

Going for your 3K run once every 10 days (because you hate running and it feels like a massive chore). ⁣

The first step in healing your relationship with movement is to take note of the activities that you've done in the past and are currently doing that you don't enjoy.

Are you doing these activities out of a fear of gaining weight or staying the same?

What activities do you actually enjoy?

What activities have you always wanted to try?

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