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Have You Hit A Diet Rock Bottom?

Most of us have spent the majority of our adult lives dieting and restricting in some shape or form.

My journey started at 9 years old. I decided that I need to lose weight for my Dad's wedding because all of the adult bridesmaids were doing it, so I should be too right?

And of course it didn't end there.

Losing weight for the grad dress.

Losing the college 20 that I had put on in massage school.

Losing the weight that I had gained back from a weekend of binge eating (repeat cycle for 3 years)

Losing the weight that I had gained on vacation.

Losing weight for bikini competitions.

Constantly losing, gaining, losing, gaining.

When really, I was losing out on life's moments.

Finally, I had hit a rock bottom, and I am glad that I did so in my early 20's and not 30 years later.

What did my rock bottom look like?

Food and body thoughts took up all of my mental energy and thoughts.

It is a miracle that I graduated college with the grades that I did.

Just the thought of possibly starting another diet on Monday caused binges.

You heard that right. My yoyo dieting got to the point where I didn't even need to restrict food to have the urge to binge I just had to think about starting a diet and my body would go "oh hell no."

The try harder, work harder, just be more disciplined approach did not work.

And once I hit rock bottom, I knew that I had to change because the more that I dieted, the fatter I got.

I am living proof that you can make peace with food and your body.

You do not have to punish yourself to look good.

Balance DOES exist.

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