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Did You Gain The Covid 15?

Did you gain weight over quarantine?

I have had several women reach out to me extremely stressed that they’ve gained weight during lockdown.

Between Day drinking every day

gyms being closed,

and other recreational activities that help keep us healthy being put on hold….

Let’s add sitting at home all day every day with nothing to do but worry about what was going on in the world around us.

The “consequences” of our actions become even more apparent now with Summer here because summer clothing covers a lot less of our bodies. It’s hard to hide ourselves in a pair of shorts and a tank top.

Fitness influencers are marketing to this insecurity right now, offering to help you lose the Covid 15. They’re doing it the same way they do at the end of December when they’re telling you that January means a new year and a new you.

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking that damn….I did drink a lot of wine during lockdown…

Maybe you did find yourself snacking all day and being very in active…

And if no one has told you yet it is OK. It is OK if you gained weight.

It’s OK if you drank a lot and ate a lot.

This lockdown was one of the most extreme things that we had ever undergone as a society. None of us knew how to act or what to do. There was so much uncertainty… and as a human being we fear the unknown, because in our reptilian brain the unknown very well could mean death. And although that thought process can sound very extreme it is that very system that has kept the human race alive. It was necessary for survival.

And with the media fuelling us daily with panic and anxiety, driving us to the point of buying a year’s worth of toilet paper, ya maybe we got a little snacky?

The truth is none of us were equipped for what went down in 2020.

In moments of heightened stress and anxiety it is in our DNA to avoid discomfort by any means necessary.

This may have meant easing the loneliness of isolation and the anxiety that came with this pandemic by:

Obsessively cleaning

Drinking alcohol

Binge watching Netflix

A lot of online shopping

Abusing drugs

And eating when we aren’t actually hungry

As a society, many of us were fighting off loneliness, depression, domestic violence, addiction, navigating divorces, grieving loved ones that we couldn’t say goodbye to, and Financial instability.

If you are somebody who normally suffers with mental illness this entire pandemic magnified the effects of those illnesses.

If you are feeling down on yourself for putting on weight during this pandemic I want you to listen to me right now (and repeat these words in the mirror to yourself as many times as you see fit)

  • I am a beautiful human being.

  • I was doing my best to cope at a time when the world was in ruin.

  • I am so strong to have made it through such an unprecedented time.

  • I deserve patience & self compassion for what i have just survived.

  • I will be gentle with myself as I adapt to this new way of living.

Please share this because we have no idea the battles that people are fighting on their own or within their head. <3

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