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Before You Research Your Next Diet.. read this!

As human beings we constantly seek out answers and opinions from external sources whether this be posting a Facebook status on what you should make for dinner to calling three different family members and have them weigh in on whether or not you should relocate for a new job.

We are always seeking out information from external sources and weight loss isn’t an exception.

“Should I do this program?”

“Should I eat this way?”

Let me put a poll on my Instagram story…

If you are constantly relying reassurance from other people you’re never going to get ahead because one method doesn’t work for everybody.

How many times have you followed a diet or bought the same workout program because your friend or family member seemed to be really successful on it?

How many times has this left you extremely disappointed because you either didn’t see the results that your friend did or you gained all of your weight back?

Or sign up for a program as a group and only one of you sees incredible results and the rest of you are left feeling defeated.

It is so important for all of us to remember that we are snowflakes. Not one of us is the same so it would be silly for us to think that worked for our friend Tammy is going to work for us.

I have even seen this in working with clients one on one in the gym. I will give them an exercise such as a Glute kickback and all three women will have a different experience.

The first client feels it mainly in the side of her quad and can’t feel it in her glutes at all.

The second client feels it fully in her glutes and in the side of her hip.

The third client feels it mostly in her lower back and still isn’t quite sure what glutes are.

Same exercise, same form... three completely different outcomes.

Instead of seeking answers from external sources whether that be friends, family, fitness magazines, Instagram influencers...

Tune into your body’s wisdom.

When it comes to movement nourishment I want you to ask your body out loud:

What do you need right now?

What would make me feel really good right now?

How can I treat you better?

You might be surprised to find that the body never asks for punishing workouts, low-carb diets, or diarrhea-inducing tea.

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